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Southampton Arts Academy provides Music Lessons, Art Workshops, GCSE, A-Level and Language Courses in Southampton. Our tutors are academics and alumni of the University of Southampton and University of Cambridge with more than 500 pupils in Southampton since 2007. We are committed to a high standard of teaching and professional service.

Our Private and Group Lessons can help you achieve your desired objective at your convenient pace. Whether you want to learn and enjoy casually or your ambition is to become a professional artists, a performing musician or get great marks for your exams, Southampton Arts Academy gives you the best environment and professional support to reach your goals.

Southampton Arts Academy offers special courses for Children (4-8), Youth (8-18), Adults (18-65), Seniors (65+) and Learners with Special Needs. Please feel free to book a FREE LESSON or CONTACT US for more information.

Southampton Arts Academy, Music Lessons, Art Workshops, GCSE, A-Level and Language Courses

Southampton Arts Academy is located in the prestigious Carlton Crescent area near local schools and government offices in Southampton City centre. The location is easily accessible on foot, by bike, bus, car or from Southampton Central train station with 2 hours free parking nearby. Our professional teaching rooms, recording studios, rehearsal rooms, study rooms, art studios and gallery provide an ideal location to learn. 



Registration Fees:

Private Lessons

Flexible Time, One to One

4 Private Lessons £120 £30 per lesson
12 Private Lessons £300 £25 per lesson
25 Private Lessons £550 £22 per lesson

Group Lessons

Same Time, Open to All

4 Group Lessons £80 £20 per lesson
12 Group Lessons £180 £15 per lesson
25 Group Lessons £300 £12 per lesson

Closed Groups

Flexible Time, 2-3 pupils, family or Friends only

4 Closed Lessons £100 £25 per lesson per person
12 Closed Lessons £240 £20 per lesson per person
25 Closed Lessons £400 £16 per lesson per person

You can book a FREE Taster Lesson here.

Southampton Arts Academy Art and Music Courses

Terms & Conditions:

  • Registration is for 4, 12 or 25 lessons.
  • The payments are non-refundable or transferrable.
  • Private lesson & closed group bookings are flexible and the pupil(s) can change lessons' day or time with 48 hours notice. The replacement lesson will be offered on another day between the day of notice and is subject to availability. Once a lesson is rescheduled on short notice, the next lesson can't be cancelled.
  • While we make every effort to do the lessons with the same tutor, in cases of emergency, we will provide another professionally qualified tutor in replacement. For cases such as COVID self-isolation, we continue to offer the lessons online at the same time.
  • Group lessons are every week except for public holidays and must be confirmed 4 weeks at a time.
  • Each lesson is in a one hour slot and typically takes around 55 minutes.
  • After registration, the lessons auto-renew. To cancel your booking, we need one month notice.
  • Parents or any attendants are not permitted to join the class. The teachers take responsibility for care of pupils during the class time.
  • Our terms and conditions are subject to change without prior notice.

Southampton Arts Academy ArtCourses 





Specialised Courses for Children (4-8), Youth After School Clubs (8-18), Adults (18-65), Seniors (65+) and Learners with Special Needs
Highly Experienced Qualified Teachers
Prestigious Location and Learning Environment with Professional Practice Rooms, Recording Studios and Teaching Rooms
Customised and Intensive Curriculum for Certificate Courses,University Applications and Professional Auditions

Subjects are taught in 12 week terms. For Private Lessons, the dates are chosen by the pupil after registration. The Group Lessons (2-6 pupils) have a regular weekly schedule, with the exception of public holidays. You can REGISTER online, book a FREE LESSON or CONTACT US for more information.

Southampton Arts Academy ArtCourses


 Foreign Language Learning with professional native tutors


Being able to speak a new language can be a very valuable skills when you try to find a job and it will definitely increase your opportunities to move overseas if in future you wish to do so.

Knowing foreign languages not only can boost your career but also will open up your horizons to different countries and cultures.  Whether you are interested in learning a new language for academic, professional or personal reasons we will help you to achieve your goals.


Language Groups and individual lessons are available at Southampton Arts Academy.

We offer French, Spanish and Italian courses for children and adults.

We welcome students from the age of 3 to start learning a new language. With our dynamic and fun learning activities they will be introduced to a new language from a young age. Our aim is to create confident speakers.


 languages courses in Southampton


There are also English courses available  that focus on different examinations. 


If you are interested in learning other languages like Arabic or Farsi, please contact us and we will provide you with more information.