Guitar tutor. Marco Duranti


Born in London from Italian parents Marco William Duranti has lived in the UK, Italy and Canada.

He attended the Royal Conservatory of Music (Toronto) were he studied music and was under the careful guidance of Canadian guitarist/composer John Perrone for 10 years. He also studied guitar in Rome (Italy) with Maestro Mario Gangi and attended various master classes throughout these years.


For the past 30 years Marco has been actively teaching, performing, recording CD’s and composing music that ranges from Rock music, classical guitar and film music. His classical guitar compositions are published by Bergman Edition. He is a versatile teacher that enjoys teaching to people of all ages and can go from basic level to high performing standards. He also specialises in helping people with Focal Dystonia a condition that he experienced many years ago and managed to beat. A teacher that likes to have a positive outlook and to achieve results whether it is for personal pleasure or for aspiring student/musicians. Marco also taught English as a second language in Italy for many years and now teaches Italian here in the UK.