Maths children lessons

Our tutors can help you to study and prepare for your exams.

We offer a free taster lesson to all new students and the the opportunity to come in to practice with our facilities during the week for all students.

Maths and English lessons usually take place after school, but contact us for more information. We are normally open during school holidays. 


maths tutoring Southampton 


Subjects are taught in 12 week terms. For Private Lessons, the dates are chosen by the pupil after registration. You can REGISTER online, book a FREE LESSON or CONTACT US for more information.



Registration Fees:

Private Lessons

4 Private Lessons £120 £30 per lesson
12 Private Lessons £300 £25 per lesson

Group Lessons

4 Group Lessons £80 £20 per lesson
12 Group Lessons £180 £15 per lesson

Children Clubs (6 Group Lessons per Week)

4 Weeks Club Pass £120 £30 per week
12 Weeks Club Pass £240 £20 per week