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Southampton Arts Academy have been giving lessons online for years...



We started our business with online lessons, where our founder and tutors already had more than a decade experience teaching university and private courses online, from China to Brazil. After the COVID pandemic, we are now fully committed to provide you with the same high standard of teaching and enjoyable classroom experience

Our teachers and tutors are working on professional and creative ways to bring our big community together.


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Professional online studios.
Lesson for all levels

We have been giving online music lessons worldwide in our professional dedicated studios.

Lessons are available on Skype, Zoom, Google Meet, FaceTime, WhatsApp...





How do online lessons work?

You will receive a link to join the virtual classroom that has been scheduled or a call on Skype at the agreed time.


What about the use of textbooks?

If any extra materials are required, those will be sent to you in advance, so you can have access to those documents, print them out if you like, etc…


What if  I don’t have FaceTime or Zoom?

We will be flexible and will adapt our teaching methods to the preferred platform. 


What subjects are being taught online?

We offer all subjects online if you are interested, this includes, Music, Art, Language and Academic lessons.


What sort of equipment would I need?

The most important is a good internet connection. You can connect using different device: your phone, tablet, laptop. A good pair of headphones is also recommended especially for music lessons.


At what times  will the lessons take place?

Our booking system and opening hours will remain as usual, the only difference is that you will be seeing us from your home.


Subjects are taught in 12 week terms. For Private Lessons, the dates are chosen by the pupil after registration. You can REGISTER online, book a FREE LESSON or CONTACT US for more information.