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We have Music groups for children and young pupils. Currently we have the following groups running every week:

-Saturday 1 pm.  Piano and aural training

-Saturday 3pm.  Music for children, piano. Beginners.

-Tuesday 5 pm to 6pm Music club.  See all the information here: All Groups Pass

Contact us if you are interested in a closed group (siblings, friends...)* different prices apply.



 Music piano groups for children. Southampton Arts Academy




Registration Fees:

Private Lessons

4 Private Lessons £120 £30 per lesson
12 Private Lessons £300 £25 per lesson

Group Lessons

4 Group Lessons £80 £20 per lesson
12 Group Lessons £180 £15 per lesson

Children Clubs (6 Group Lessons per Week)

4 Weeks Club Pass £120 £30 per week
12 Weeks Club Pass £240 £20 per week